The Business Networking App for Networkers

Business networking is a big part of any marketing strategy, but attending networking events can be stressful and a great deal of effort. Besides finding out the details of a networking event, you may be bombarded with information during the event which you can't possibly remember every detail of.

It can be very easy to miss an opportunity.

The Business Networking App was created for networkers to manage their connections easily from the palm of their hands, and never miss an opportunity.

How The Business Networking App Works for networkers

  • Easily connect with other Business Networking App users at networking events so you can readily refer business to each other
  • Create a list of opportunities and follow-up actions during an event for easy follow up later on
  • Record referrals so you can track the value of your networking and decide which groups provide the best value for your business
  • The app stores and notifies you about relevant networking events you may be interested in attending
  • The app allows you to see who is attending networking events so you can decide if the group is relevant to your business

How can an app help my networking processes?

Unlike popular social media platforms, The Business Networking App allows you to remove all excess noise that does not benefit you or your business. This allows you to focus on the true benefits of networking.

The app is not made for gaining followers or raising your profile - the sole purpose is to push your business through networking with other businesses, as well as providing you with opportunities that you would have missed otherwise.

Benefits of a business networking app


One of the biggest benefits of using our app is the security system in place to protect any confidential or personal documents. Closed groups and platforms are completely secure, with only members having access to them.

Our app offers a closed network of groups, making the content you see completely focused and relevant to your business. We've simplified the networking process, meaning that you only see who and what you want to see.

You can communicate across various networking groups from a single account, syncing everything in one place. This allows you to connect with multiple other networkers in a simple system.

Networking with ease with The Business Networking App

Our app makes it really easy for networkers to simply network. It's easy to use and effective.

In our app, you can view:

  • Networking groups
  • Group members
  • What those group members do

All of this can help you to keep your app relevant and beneficial to your career.

Get in touch with us today to find out more. If you're a network wanting to run your own groups on our app, check out our CRM system for networks.

Download the app today on the Apple App Store, Android App Store or use it on your Windows or Apple desktop.