Manage your networking from the palm of your hand

Business networking is a big part of the marketing strategy for a lot of businesses. But attending networking events can involve a great deal of effort for business owners and representatives. You need to figure out the what, where, when, cost and objectives before you go to a network meeting, and then afterwards trying to remember who you spoke to, sorting through a pile of business cards, following up on leads, arranging 1-2-1 meetings and dealing with any business referrals can be a real task that requires a concentrated effort all crammed into an extremely short time frame. It can be so easy to forget or miss out on opportunities.

Networking takes Effort with a capital E

The Business Networking App helps manage your networking via an easy to use mobile app:

  • see who's attending an event beforehand so you can decide if the networking group is relevant to you
  • identify the people you'd like to meet at an event to make the best use of your time
  • let people see what skills you can offer increasing the chances of relevant introductions and opportunities
  • communicate across various networking groups from a single account syncing everything to one place
  • storing and notifying you of relevant networking events you may be interested in or attending
  • connect with other Business Networking App users at networking events so you can easily refer business to each other
  • create a list of opportunities and follow up actions during an event for easy follow up later
  • record referrals so you can track the value of your networking and which groups are best value for your business

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