Manage your networking events and groups from the palm of your hand

Organising and managing business networking events is a full time job for a lot of people. For others it can be a sideline to the their main business or even a hobby. If you run a networking group, maybe even more than one!, then we understand the amount of time and effort it takes to manage all the things you need to do to keep your group activity at a healthy level and in turn, keep members happy. Communication and interaction with your network group members is a key element to how successful you will be. Networking isn't just about turning up for a meeting once in a while or every week or fortnight. Apart from organising and running the front-end meetings, there's a mountain of administration to keep on top of. Many people use spreadsheets or a pre-built membership website that they don't really have control over and doesn't meet all their needs. Some people still use paper! The Business Networking App was built, and will continue to grow, to help networking group leaders spend more time on the group membership and meetings, and less time worrying about the administration.

Run your networking events like a BOSS

The Business Networking App helps manage your networking events via an easy to use mobile app:

  • organise networking events, send meeting updates to your members and invite guests
  • have an overview of attendance, referrals and business passed within your networking group
  • send out notifications to your group alerting them to upcoming events or opportunities
  • integrate your group into your members daily routine
  • provide added value to your network group members by improving communication and interactions
  • promote and grow your networking group by matching skills and promoting vacancies via the app and website
  • organisation wide - if you're a national networking organisation or a single independent local networking group; the same integrations and features are available to all

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